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Facebook seems to be aware of the saturation of users accessing the largest social media via mobile devices. After some updating the user interface (UI) on the mobile application on a smartphone several times, they finally released the app "Paper" that presents sensation and experience a completely new and different. It's called, Facebook Paper.

What Is Facebook Paper?
Facebook Paper is a new application available in the iOS operating system offers a different experience with the user interface and the "innards" newly. If you already have and use the application called Flipboard, UI and functionality I think this paper is similar but not the same.
Facebook Paper
image source www.facebook.com/paper
If the present Flipboard aggregates content from social media and news or portals/blogs, paper gives its own advantages, namely social networking. However, both rely on the turn transition and open the page as you read a physical book.

In the news feed page, you will find updates from Facebook friends at the bottom of the tub storefront that can be shifted to the right and left vertically. Meanwhile, at the top, you will see a collection of pictures or highlights from your friends .

Rotating Photo
Interestingly, when we look at the large picture, the image can be rotated a few degrees to the rest of the face image. This reminds me of the features of the iOS operating system 7 which was released mid last year. Other features such as the "message", "friends request" and "notification" stick you find on the front page of this application-does not change with the Facebook application "conventional".

However, if the Facebook application page "conventional", the "write post" was on the front page, not so with the experience of using this paper. You can find these features by sliding down the page interface.

Customization Interests (Sections)

The latest features of this paper is the ability mengostumisasi interest (sections) on a user issues and news. For example, you want to get everything about technology. You can find a diverse set of information associated with a Facebook page if the technology shift the main page to the right and so on.

If the previous Facebook app we can insert a picture in a comment column post or status. Paper was not provided. Likewise with the process of loading the associated connection when opening the application seem heavy and long when using the iPhone 4 with iOS 7. It does not seem to apply to iPhone users over these specifications. Presumably so my experience.

The new paper is available for iOS, and there are no updates Facebook plans to embed this application on the Android operating system. However, for those who are using iOS devices with Indonesian AppStore account, this application will not find the alias is not available for the Indonesian market. However, do not worry. You can download it by changing the country on your AppStore account.

The steps To Get Facebook Paper Application on your device
  • Open the App Store on your iPhone / iPod and or desktop
  • Search Apple ID by scrolling down in the Featured section.
  • Press Apple ID (your email)
  • Select View Apple ID.
  • Log in as usual.
  • Select the Country, then tap on the 'Change Country or Region'
  • Change state to 'United States'.
  • Click "None" when asked for credit card payment information.
Still confused? Just watch the following video:


Facebook Paper

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