Treat Skin with Laser Light

Treat Skin with Laser Light, Skin problems such as dullness, acne scars are some complaints that familiar face since her teens. Adulthood, the problem is more 'scary' comes to haunt. None other is the fine lines, wrinkles and skin sags. And in fact, due to the shifting lifestyles, it has begun to experience a relatively young woman.

The causes can vary. Starting from a drastic change in body weight, age, through the use of skin care products that are not appropriate. There are so many clinics that offer an easy solution to get instant results. Be careful, and be wise in choosing. The following treatments have been worth more because it is quite advanced in technology but without the high risk of the emergence of side effects. Apart from a brief, in fact the result can be seen quickly.

This treatment utilizing laser beams that have been modified with technology in the world of dermatology so relatively secure. Erbium laser has a wavelength of 2940 nm and generates heat that is ideal for peeling off dead skin cells safely, while stimulating new collagen production naturally.

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Treat Skin with Laser Light
The advantages of this tool is able to detect the thickness of the skin. Women today are already familiar with cosmetics that are peeling, so that some parts of the skin of his face had thinned. Well, this tool is a 'smart' detects which part of a thin skin. So, you do not have to worry about after-care, exfoliation of dead skin cells are not evenly distributed.

After the erbium laser irradiation, the outer layer of skin automatically will feel tighter. And within 2-3 days, dead skin cells will shed a whole the effect of entirely all dead skin cells that cause dull skin beginning to show results, so the skin glowing and radiant series. This treatment is quite safe, with no discomfort. After 3-4 days the skin will look younger, obviously.

Stages of Treat Skin with Laser Light:
1. The face is clean without makeup, washed with soap and then cleaned with sterile water to be ready to do the laser treatment.

2. Erbium laser starts. The duration of irradiation tailored to the patient's skin condition through a diagnosis that is done first by a physician in dermatology. The irradiation starts from the forehead. Because, generally in all ages, this area most vulnerable to problems which smooth wrinkles and acne scars.

3. The next area is a cheek. Radiation in this area is intended to disguise the spots that often arise, as well as close the pores. If desired, patients may be at once raised mole that disturbing. For that use laser devices with different ends. Further treatment was continued into other areas of the body complained of the patient, such as the neck, arms, and even back.

4. Finally, the tool back to the body exposed to the process of tightening the skin. Usually the irradiated area is part of the arm, neck and cheeks.

Treat Skin with Laser Light

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