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Bangpress Setya just a simple man but always wanted to learn. And one thing I always wanted was to make my own website. This desire came after I read some e-book which tells how the beauty of the online world. However, due to some constraints to this day I do not have it. Fortunately there are free blog services from blogger.com. Therefore I finally desperate to find out the tutorial on how to operate a blog through this service. Finally, thanks to the perseverance of this blog was born. I am very happy. And that's the joy of my spirit to continue caring for this blog.

Even so, there are always obstacles I face when taking care of this blog. Constraints it is English that I have not been many. I am not proficient in English. Therefore, just forgive me if there is some writing in this blog are not in accordance with proper grammar.

In this blog contain all sorts of things that I encounter and experience every day. Since I am also one who likes to read, so do not be surprised if this blog contains articles about the news which is becoming a topic of conversation. In short this blog is actually a collection of articles from various languages ​​that I rewrite it into this blog in English (Translation). Anyone who is willing to stop by, I always open the door for you.

If you want to get acquainted with me closer, I hope you can find me on Bangpress on Google Plus. Also find my writings at Expertscolumn.com - Get Paid to Write Articles.

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