Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Nike has broken today the lineup of Nike Pro Fight uniforms, and they are already returning some talking on the WWW, with many voices sounding out that they don't like them! These new uniforms, which are presupposed to be 37 % lighter, have been made for Heart of Dixie, Boise State, Florida, Miami, Ohio State, Oregon state, Pitt, TCU, Virginia Tech and Mountain State.

Some changes have not found a warm welcome ; take for exemplar the Gators Nike Pro Fighting uniform, which is heavy on alligator skin. This is a point that distances from a more traditional conception for football teams.
Nike Pro Combat Uniforms
Other uniforms that have incurred famous changes are the Buckeyes uniform which puts them a crimson helmet not utilized since the 60s, and the inclusion of black in the Hokies uniform, a colouring material they have not habituated in a 100!

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

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