The iPhone maker will Develop Firefox Smartphones

The iPhone maker will Develop Firefox Smartphones  - Mozilla picks a partner for its new mobile operating system, Firefox OS. Foxconn, the world's largest electronics manufacturer, will design at least five devices running the new operating system. It may include smartphones, tablets, but why not laptops and connected TVs.

Foxconn has a solid experience in this field. The company, originally of Taiwan, assembles the iPhone and iPad in its Chinese factories, but also for Nintendo Wii U, HP and Dell computers and the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. It was he who manufacture the Google Goggles in a factory in California.
The iPhone maker will Develop Firefox Smartphones
Devices Firefox will not be sold under the brand Foxconn, but under that of clients, whose identity has not yet been specified. Chinese telecom giant ZTE announced in February the launch of an entry-level smartphone, ZTE Open, working with Firefox OS. Some of these devices are also manufactured by the Chinese Spreadtrum.

Sold less than $ 50
Mozilla, creator of Firefox, and is 10% of the global smartphone market. He hopes that some may be sold under $ 50. "We see tremendous opportunities in emerging markets where customers and operators want affordable phones," said Monday Gong Li, one of the leaders of Mozilla, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. "The product segment under $ 50 is crucial for emerging markets like India and China," he said.
Firefox Os Firefox Smartphone
Foxconn, in turn, seeks to expand its range of partners, while Apple tends to her infidelities. The iPhone cheap, expected later this year, expected to be launched by Pegatron, one of its Taiwanese competitors. Economies of scale that Foxconn could achieve through the quantities it produced were partially eclipsed by the investments it had made in improving the pay and working conditions of its employees, after a series of suicides and highly publicized accidents in recent years.

The iPhone maker will Develop Firefox Smartphones

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