The diet to reduce cellulite

The diet to reduce cellulite - Diet for cellulite should be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables in season, juices, teas and centrifuged draining. Instead should be eliminated all those foods high in sodium or that cause inflammation and fluid retention such as red meats, cheeses, sausages, packaged products such as snacks, crackers and ready meals.

Let's see how to take the first of cellulite thanks to a balanced diet rich in foods diuretic effect. The azuki bean soup helps eliminate fluid without straining the kidneys, just boil the beans with celery and 2 carrots after they have been soaked all night and drink hot soup for dinner.

Lemon is another great fat burning due to the high content of vitamin C, you can enter in the daily diet in the form of herbal tea prepared in this way: Remove the peel from an organic lemon, without removing the white part. Put a strip of peel to boil in a cup of water for 3 minutes, strain and drink mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
The diet to reduce cellulite
For lunch and dinner, prepare dishes of rice, carrots, barley, broccoli, whole wheat pasta, asparagus and vegetables and fruits in general, rice cakes, malts or blended fresh fruit, honey, grains, spices and olive oil extra virgin olive oil. Avoid all packaged foods such as jams and jellies, nuts, cakes and snacks, mayonnaise, ketchup, cocktail sauce.

The diet to reduce cellulite
Another valuable ally in the fight against cellulite is apple cider vinegar can reduce localized fat deposits, drain excess fluids and remineralize the tissues. Associated with honey its effects are enhanced. It is assumed in the form of herbal tea dissolving one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water and add honey to taste.

Finally a great help comes from the herbs and essential oils. Here's a simple massage oil to prepare at home and use on the areas where cellulite is located. Marinate in the dark for seven days a tablespoon of mint, a sage and rosemary in a one liter of olive oil. Then filter and massage on the parts to be reduced.

The diet to reduce cellulite

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